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Aqua Gold Hair Treatment is the best hair treatment for dry, damaged and unmanageable hair.

Aqua Gold Hair treatment

Retains moisture level
Gives nourishment
Improve hair texture
Silky, smooth and shiny

What is Aqua Gold Hair Treatment?

Aqua Gold Hair Treatment is a FORMALDEHYDE-FREE mild chemical treatment.

Aqua Gold Hair Treatment is not an organic treatment.

The Aqua Gold Hair Treatment includes ironing also. Heat is mandatory to penetrate the product in the hair shaft.

AQUA Gold Hair Treatment is not a straightening, smoothing, or rebounding type of treatment. And it is not an option for straightening. In straightening hair bonds will be broken with a chemical treatment to gain a straightening effect that is permanent. So, you cannot back your hair texture again. After some time, there is always a chance to turn your hair frizzy and dry.
In straightening as soon as we apply the treatment to hair the process will start immediately. If the procedure is done by non – a professional therapist there is always a chance to overprocess or damage hair after some time and it will turn like springs, etc.

What is the post-maintenance for Aqua Gold Hair Treatment?

Aqua Gold is absolutely no maintenance treatment. No follow-up, no specific brand shampoo, etc. No specific restrictions for 2/3 days. (As in straightening etc.). You can tie, style wash or do anything with hair naturally.

As It is not a straightening, the straight look is 60 to 90% naturally straight in aqua and will be back to normal as natural hair texture.

Keratin is also a similar kind of treatment but formulation-wise different. Compare to keratin etc. Aqua Gold is more long-lasting and maintenance-free. You can use any brand of mild shampoo n conditioner. No specific restrictions.
As it is a kind of hair spa treatment there is no need to do a hair spa for the next 3 to 4 months. If you wish you can do it again.

Many clients have done aqua 5 to 6 times repeatedly in the last 4/5 years.

AQUA Gold is also a repair treatment for chemically treated damaged/burnt hairs. Results may vary with damaged conditions.

In aqua gold, a straight look that is naturally straight stays for 3 or 4 months and soft-shiny effects will be more than that. As we did 5000+ treatments in the last 5 years we are sure of the results.
If you don’t need a straight look, you can go for an aqua spa. You can get soft curls that are not straight or curly. But it will get after 3 to 5 washes. But the lasting result is less than aqua treatment and up to 3 to 4 months.

You can do color, high lights anything. You can do tong hair styling etc.
It is advisable to do color or highlights before aqua causes aqua locks the color and lasts for more time than avg.

Regarding mehndi, we can do aqua gold after 15 days of mehndi application.

The cost is 3500 onward and depends on the length and thickness of the hair. It will also depend on damaging conditions in chemically treated hair. As we cannot judge by sending a pic, we will finalize the cost with a visual check only and avoid quoting verbally or on WhatsApp.

It is always better to spare some time for consultation. Because every hair is different. And it is better to understand and clear all the queries. We are here to help you always.

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Thank you.

Kavita Kolhe


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